Hi and welcome to my page and yes, i am bad at doing an intro and other things.

But first excuse my english because it’s not my main language so definitely it’s not that good and i am still learning how to use the good english. By the way thank you for taking your time to read my post(s) and i do really appreciate it, so much.

Let’s just get to know me first,

my name is Lintang people used to call me as Nesha for my whole life but now people mostly call me as Lintang because I think it’s a lot easier to pronounce and to remember. I was born in 1998 so you can guess my age by your own self but i am under 20 (for now). I’ve been living as a total city person so I love tall buildings, night city lights, spend a lot of money for unnecessary stuffs and food (totally!) but not have that big amount of cash on daily basis (i know, we’re all like that, right?),  I walk pretty fast (since my campus located in Jakarta) but not a big fan of the crazy traffic – here – in Jakarta.

I basically love to make some really really short films and rarely upload them. And for my own leisure i sometime draw or paint, read some books, watch KUWTK (i know it’s lame and shitty but their whole life is worth to watch), binge reading memes on instagram or twitter and mostly maybe sleep or eat. I listen to some indie like two door cinema club, san cisco, the vaccines to some pop-punk / punk rock like Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, and so on.

Actually this is my 3rd blog and of course I had deleted my previous blogs and I am now trying to make something to be written and to be read by you, i promise it’ll worth to spend your time with. The other reason about why I run a blog again because I want to make something, these days youth tends to make some their so-called art/aethestic picture on instagram and make some vlogs or some make up tutorials and I can’t do that kind of stuffs, why? First, I totally lack of self-esteem and i just can’t, those things really aren’t my ‘thing’.

I will upload my short films, some thoughts, and maybe some life hack or some reference of many other nice pages, people, or music maybe? And I promise it’ll be as interesting as I promised you (hopefully).

I think that’s all for a-get-to-know-me session, and I’ll see you guys on my next posts and once again thank you for reading and taking your precious 5 minutes in your life.

Love, Lintang